About Our Students

The students we are currently sponsoring hail from Afghanistan, Kurdistan Iraq, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Ethiopia, Sierre Leone, Morocco, Iran, and Pakistan. Most of our students speak at least 3-5 languages with some fluency, and they possess a level of wisdom about worldly issues, survival, and perseverance that most of us in the West will not acquire in a lifetime. We have deep respect and empathy for the adversity they’ve encountered in being forced to flee their home countries, the losses and traumas they’ve endured, and the unique challenges they face in a country that is struggling with its own crisis and ill-equipped to host the many thousands of refugees it has received.

When asked what the students who have had the experience of being refugees bring to the community at Webster University, professors and staff members had these comments to share:

Prof. Vasilis J. Botopoulos, Chancellor & Managing Director

“At Webster Athens we cultivate and build the leaders of tomorrow.  It is our hope that our students and alumni, with ethos and filotimo, will inspire others to live their lives with dignity, integrity and compassion.”

Tom Mazarakis, Director of Physical Plant

They (the students) bring a sense of sincere gratitude for this important service that we are providing them.

Prof. Sam Drimakis

“Diversity.  Rich (contributions) in language and culture.  They keep us in line with our mission: being an international university catering to international students.”

John Dumont, Head, Business and Technology

“(The students) are able to transmit the reality of war and displacement more effectively than the media.”

Faculty member at Webster University

“A lot of personal accounts & experiences which are devastating and full of emotional impact.  It allows us to relate to them and become more informed, empathetic & understanding of their past, and also less biased and prejudiced.”

Sally Talal, Admissions Counselor

“Culture, awareness, consciousness, and an undeniable thirst for knowledge.”

Tom Mazarakis, Director of Physical Plant

“Webster recognizes the need to help displaced-by-war persons to get back on their feet, and we help by providing as many people as we can with university level education.”

Prof. Sam Drimakis

“Our service is to provide education to everyone, no matter age, color, or status.”
When asked what were their favorite aspects of attending Webster University, this is what the students told us:

Emad, from Kurdistan, Iraq

“The multinationality; that makes you feel comfortable.”

Somi, from Iran

“My past is heartbreaking, but I want to restart my life and use this opportunity at Webster to complete my lifelong dream of finishing my studies.  I lost my hope before, but now I have motivation to try again.

Student from Iran

“Good teachers.  Good environment.”

Emad, from Kurdistan, Iraq

“It was a pleasure to join this university. My experience with the professors was and is so good.  They are so kind. To be honest, I didn’t expect to have fun and to learn at the same time”

Emad, from Kurdistan, Iraq

“The flexibility of the system.”

Alex, Student from Iraq

“It’s an amazing experience to have the chance to study at Webster. I want to build a way that people can reach their potential power, and make big changes in society. I have been able to meet people from  different countries”

Student from Iran

“Maybe in the future I will be a useful person for science”

Emad, from Kurdistan, Iraq

“I think people have to see how amazing it feels for refugees to study in one of the best universities in Greece; to have the same rights in terms of education. I love Webster.”

Zak, student from Syria and Palestine

“My name is Zakaria, I’m from Syria.  I have been in Greece almost one year and I’m 24 years old.

I arrived to Athens 6 months ago. When I heard about this program for the first time it was something exciting. It’s kind of a new opportunity to reach my goal which is to continue my study and start getting on my feet and be fully integrated in Greek society. I am grateful for the welcome I received in Greece given the bad circumstances in my country and I now want to give back to this country what it brought me by finding a job there, helping the economy, paying taxes… etc.

This program is giving me the chance to fulfill this goal and it is the perfect match between my ambitions and my current situation.

My experience at the uni has been special from the beginning.  I have been able to meet people from many different countries and continents. It helped me enhancing my open mindedness towards other cultures and my intercultural communication skills.

The learning methods of this program were quite new to me. I really feel like it is customized to meet my needs in terms of education. Most of the knowledge I am currently acquiring seem needed and relevant to my skills development in order to find a job in the future.

I had a very hopeless perception of life during my early days in Greece. Being involved in this program gave me some motivation and eagerness to learn and always improve, and the support of the institution, the teachers and of my fellow classmates has been crucial in that matter.”

When not studying, our students enjoy:

“Taking long walks”
“Learning new languages”
“Music, singing, painting, fitness training”
“I am a musician.  I play santoor.”
“Painting and designing”