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Dear Friends of LERRN, Warm wishes to all of our friends and supporters! Webster Athens’ international student body sends wishes of joy and good tidings for the year ahead.  Please enjoy this short video montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZCY8VYNRtI We hope you will consider supporting LERRN in 2021.  LERRN students will engage in a high quality career coaching/CV development course in January and February.  Several students are closing in on graduation and are very excited to begin professional
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LERRN update, and musings about the most poignant teachers and catalysts Dear Friends and Supporters of LERRN, I hope this finds you healthy, safe, and thriving in this ever changing, ever evolving, rich-with-opportunities-for-growth moment in time.  I would like to offer another update on our project in Greece.   As I type, my heart is heavy with the weight of global turmoil, controversies, and feelings of isolation.  I miss hugs, many of my own family
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Dear Friends of LERRN, I hope this finds you healthy, safe and feeling peaceful amid the strange and difficult times we are experiencing. I would love to hear how you are coping and rising to meet the challenges before us, as individuals, families and communities.  As fate would have it, I was in Sacramento, California, when “shelter in place” orders were delivered, so here I continue to be.  Though I miss my family (all are
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Hi dear Jennifer, I’m writing this to show a small portion of what I’m experiencing during this Coronavirus crisis. I’ve been in home quarantine for over a month now. Three weeks under governmental lockdown. Since the beginning of the term, I’ve been continuing my university lessons online. Everything has its pros and cons. Of course staying at home, where you feel safe and are relaxed, is a good thing. Waking up every day and seeing
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For all people who have been helping us to continue our studies, I am very grateful for the numerous financial contributions you have made in support of my education.  Without your help, I may never have been able to complete my studies.  Your generosity and help have been an inspiration to me. Especially in this hard time, with all that is happening globally, you keep supporting us.  I believe you are good people with big