Frequently Asked Questions

How do students seeking aid apply for sponsorship?

After successfully completing the application process at Webster University, students seeking aid are asked to write a personal statement specifically requesting sponsorship and expressing their educational and career aspirations.  Sponsorships are given based on the recommendation of Webster University faculty, LERRN board review, and according to funds available.

If a student is offered sponsorship, does this automatically mean that they will receive sponsorship for a full Bachelor’s or Master’s program?

No.  Sponsorship determinations are made on a per-semester basis.  Factors including successful student performance, faculty recommendations, number of classes requested by the student body, number of qualified applications, and funds available will determine sponsorships granted each semester.

In what language is the curriculum taught?

The curriculum at Webster University is taught in English.  Greek language classes are offered and strongly encouraged.  Students must have a reasonable degree of English proficiency to be successful in the program.  Webster University pro-actively offers English and composition classes, as well as individualized assessment and support to help students achieve the degree of English proficiency needed to be successful in university level classes.

Is it necessary to have refugee status in Greece before studying at Webster University?

No.  Registered asylum seekers whose cases are still in process are eligible to study, if they meet the university’s qualifications.

Does Webster University or LERRN provide housing for qualified candidates?


Why did LERRN partner with Webster University?

Webster University, founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1915, is a non-profit U.S.-based university that is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.  Webster University’s educational environment blends the conveniences of a small university with the opportunities of a large one.  At Webster, students earn American Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a flexible structure which promotes academic depth and encourages individuals to explore their diverse interests.  Webster Athens is dedicated to excellence in teaching, incorporating an international perspective throughout the curriculum. It has been our experience that Webster University Athens has gone above and beyond to offer our students the sensitive and individualized support and attention they need to succeed and thrive.

Are all students in the LERRN program degree-seeking?

Yes, and no.  While we seek to identify students that have clear desire to grow in a university environment and that demonstrate the dedication and ability to thrive in a rigorous academic setting, some of our students may only take a few classes at Webster.  This is for many typical and atypical reasons; our students have been displaced from their home countries and have complicated life circumstances that sometimes change unexpectedly relative to housing challenges, family issues, asylum status, health, or other considerations.  All of our students have demonstrated a fierce desire to thrive and contribute to their new community in a meaningful way.  We, and the faculty of Webster University, do everything we can to support and encourage them through these challenges and to ensure success in their programs.  We have seen that the experience of taking even one class at a time can change the entire life and outlook of our students by offering intellectual challenge, social integration, and caring, supportive community.  Whether students are dedicated to an entire degree program or just a few university level classes at this time, the credits they earn at Webster University are transferable for degree credit at other institutions.

How many students is LERRN currently sponsoring?

This has tended to shift somewhat each semester based on funds available, faculty recommendations and the living circumstances of our students.   As of May 2019, LERRN has sponsored 13 students to take classes at WU, and we have helped to arrange individual sponsorships for three additional students.  We are sponsoring four students for summer session 2019.  We expect to sponsor at least nine continuing students in Fall 2019, and we continue to receive and review additional applications.  Please donate or consider sponsoring a student to help us keep these students in school and so we can say YES to as many qualified applications as possible!

To inquire about sponsoring a student contact LERRN Founder, Jennifer Moiles.

To apply to attend Webster University Athens contact Admissions Director, Peggy Manouka.