Generation 2.0 RED Services in Regards to LERRN Students

This article was researched and written by LERRN student, Somi, from Iran.  LERRN is especially proud of our students’ ability to learn English as a second language while they develop their advanced composition skills.  We are proud to showcase their essays and articles in this blog!

Due to the large number of refugees in Greece many NGOs have been formed. “Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity” (G2RED) plays a constructive role in helping refugees integrate into the Greek job market. With over 10 years of experience, G2RED is a humanitarian non-profit organization created to promote human rights, equality and the fight against racism and discrimination. This organization has valuable experiences in social work, sociological and legal research, project management and cultural events (g2red). Among all the valuable work G2RED does, helping refugee students is also crucial. Because Greece is still suffering from the economic crisis, advising students to enter the job market creates a sense of self-confidence and helps them build their future, while also helping the Greek job market.

The difficult truth is that most refugees were not able to complete their education in their own country for various reasons. In addition, as the cost of education is very high, it is very difficult and almost impossible for most refugees to study in the country where they migrated to after being displaced for many years. In Greece, it is not possible to obtain a student loan. Luckily, Love Elevates Refugees Relief Network (LERRN), an American non-profit organization founded by Ms. Jennifer Moiles, offers educational sponsorships in collaboration with Webster University of Athens, assisting refugees eager to continue their studies. By offering employability services, G2RED helps these students greatly by providing services such as assisting them in making CVs and guiding them to find a job and integrate into the Greek community. Thus, with the cooperation of Webster University of Athens, LERRN sponsorships, the efforts of the students, and G2RED services, refugees will be well prepared to participate and contribute to Greek society in the future.

According to Ms. Moiles, “We require all of our sponsored students to engage in career counseling and CV preparation with G2RED.  It’s essential that each student understands the job market and possible education pathways in Greece so they can make an informed decision about their future. The crisis in Greece is enduring and the job market is difficult. G2RED is offering critical tools and advice. Our students report positive experiences, and a few have been successful in finding work.” 

Katerina Gkikopoulou, who was working as a career counsellor at G2RED at the time this article was written, said, “I always believe that somewhere, someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer. I am really glad to contribute to career path development, making a strong CV, and encouraging people to be independent.  Job searching and getting prepared for what the world of work needs, such as job interview preparation, knowledge of Greek language and understanding of labor rights is crucial for asylum seekers and refugees. I have met people who explored and found out what they want, what they are able to do and how to develop it.”

Another career counsellor, Mr. Nikos Nakopoulos expressed his enthusiasm and experience: “Are you an asylum applicant/refugee or a migrant wondering if job finding in Greece is even possible? I have been responding to this question with a “Yes” since 10/07/2017, when I started working as a career counselor. But, actually, the full answer is: Yes, and you are not alone in this. There are people and organizations willing to support you, value your skills, provide you education and employability opportunities until you feel independent enough. There are, also, many people like you who have already succeeded with that.”

A number of students explained their experiences with G2RED:

LERRN has signed and is in full support of G2RED’s Diversity in the Workplace Charter. Read more, and consider joining the mission and signing the charter here:

“It’s a good idea to spend a lot of time to build your skills and expand your opportunities.  That’s what G2RED tries to do with refugees. Great team, helping all the people.”

“I had some courses with G2RED for business administration and entrepreneurship. They helped many of my friends to find jobs in different careers. I would like to continue developing my skills with G2RED.”

“I was able to improve my CV with the help of G2RED. By organizing numerous work seminars, they familiarize us with the ways of finding a job in Greece. I thank them for their efforts.”

“I used their various services in writing CV and career counseling. The Career Counseling Team is very committed to their work, conducting counseling sessions and constantly informing me of new job opportunities. Thanks to Ms. Katerina for being so active and helpful in this area.”

“I benefited from working with G2RED.  I was able to prepare my CV and apply for jobs with their help. They always send me different emails and also invite me to attend various work seminars.  They also try to prepare Greek language classes for entry into the Greek community and labor market.”

As a result, G2RED is aiming to help asylum seekers and refugees in Greece; it plays a crucial role in their professional development. Being an official partner of LERRN, G2RED greatly enhances student confidence in their process of searching for a job, as well as improving their ability to integrate into Greek society.

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