This essay was written by Mohamed.  Mohamed is well-respected and admired by the faculty at Webster Athens for his dedication, growth, and consistent academic performance.  Students are encouraged to explore their diverse experiences and perspectives on world issues in essays and classroom presentations.  As all refugee students are learning English as a second language, advanced English and composition courses are the first classes most LERRN students take at Webster Athens.  We are pleased to share their voices and perspectives based on their life experiences on our blog page.


People don’t actually want to leave their home countries because the homeland is dear to the heart of any human. But what forces a human to migrate?  And which are the challenges and obstacles in their home countries that pushed them to take such a decision?

Many people are seeking to emigrate abroad to study; they may not have all the scientific disciplines they wish to study in their home countries, or the quality of education may not satisfy their aspirations and their spirit of creativity and research that they have. 

Another part of the society leaves to be exposed to marginalization, oppression and social classes, and the absence of equal opportunities among all sectors of the society.  In addition to the low standard of living, there are also the spread of unemployment and diseases such as HIV, Cholera, etc.  One of the most important reasons that pushed people to move to another country is the multitude of conflicts, wars and problems, famine, etc. 

The majority seek to escape, to save what they can save… at least their lives.

Personally I’m from a country that is suffering from social differences, nepotism, corruption, and bribery.

I really want to tell the European countries, the U.S. and the richest countries of the Middle East… Before you tell people to stop being refugees, you must first stop bombing their lands and draining their wealth and what they have!!

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